“Don’t Give Up”

Daisy Jane, my golden retriever, never gave up on me.

Mostly, because of her — my not being able to leave her — I never gave up on me, either.

Now, that we are climbing out of the depths of darkness and into the light, I hereby declare that we are together until death do us part.

This blog is dedicated to Daisy Jane…. It is a testament to our faith in and love for each other.  It is her story.  It is my story.  It is our story.

“Don’t Give Up” by Peter Gabriel came on my playlist this morning.  Haven’t listened to it since college, 24 years ago….  The lyrics spoke to me.  I had total recall and knew every word.  As I listened (and sang), I began to realize all Daisy and I have been through and endured — together — before, during and after the divorce.  It brought a single tear to my eye.

For those who don’t know, Daisy and some other amazing people supported me during the worst four and a half years of my life, encouraging me not to give up.  On more than one occasion, I came close (or more appropriately, I know now that I came closer than I thought at the time) during the deepest, darkest and most depressing time of my life.

With that, I just happened to create the first post.

Man.Dog.Jeep. is going to be “Marley & Me,” “Travels with Charlie,” “Cramer vs Cramer” and “The Shack,” all rolled into one.


2 thoughts on ““Don’t Give Up”

  1. Dog is God spelled backwards – it’s amazing how simultaneously human and Godly these animals are. DJ picked you – now you are blessed enough to know the reasons why. I’m glad you’re moving towards the light finally, you deserve it!

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