The Back Story

As the blog suggests, this is a blog that lives and breathes in the “now.” Daisy Jane and the Jeep have taught me, the man, to live in the present because the past has happened and cannot be changed, and the future isn’t here yet and is not guaranteed.

With that said, the back story for this blog can be found in two other blogs, which have been retired for various reasons.

The first blog, at least in part, inspired mandogjeep. “Driving with Daisy: Man Dog Jeep” can be found at:

We will do the cross-country trip, even if we have to do it in segments over the next few years! And, our trip will be documented right here on mandogjeep!

The second blog is “Fatherhood Interrupted,” which can be found at:

Had it not been for all this man, his dog and their Jeep have been through the past four and half years, this blog would not be possible.


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